Buffalo Project

Edwin Buck Jr. Veterans Memorial Buffalo Project


In March of 1992 our community accepted a male bison bull, 6 years old, from the Lakota Nation of South Dakota. The Prairie Island Indian Community Tribal Council and Elders of the community supported our establishing of a bison herd on our own tribal lands.

The community purchased additional bison cows in 1993. The herd had grown to approximately 40 bison in 2005.

The Prairie Island Indian Community (PIIC) Buffalo Project is located on 187 acres of tribal lands, with additional acres used for hay.

The buffalo are free to roam within the pasture and prairieland along the Mississippi river.

New calves are born every year with new births generally starting during the month of April.

The Buffalo Project supports the Native Mdewakanton Sioux culture, spirituality, and provides community families with highly nutritional meat. The goal of the Buffalo Project is to grow the herd and provide bison meat for community members and their families.