Does the Prairie Island Indian Community run Treasure Island?

Yes. The Prairie Island Indian Community owns and operates Treasure Island Resort & Casino.

How do I request a donation?

We ask that you put your request in writing and be as specific as possible about the funds you are requesting. It is best if you can limit your information to a single page if possible.

  • All requests need to be in writing on your organization’s letterhead, addressed to the PIIC Tribal Council.
  • Requests should include a detailed description of how the donation will be used, such as: the date of the event/benefit.
  • Include the total amount being requested.
  • Organizations located on reservations should include a letter of support from their local tribal council.
  • If not a tribal government or a 501 (c) (3), a reliable fiscal agent is required, along with contact information, address, and telephone number.
  • If further information is required you will be contacted.
  • The review process can take up to a month or more on larger requests.
  • You will be contacted through the US Postal Service with Tribal Council’s decision.

Submit your donation request by mail to:

ATTN: Donations

Prairie Island Indian Community

5636 Sturgeon Lake Road

Welch, MN 55089

Submit your donation request by email to:

How or when will I know if my donation request is approved?

You will receive a response in the mail once Tribal Council has made a determination on your request. Review of requests may take up to a month or more.

How many Tribal Members are there in the Prairie Island Indian Community?

As of December 2019, there approximately 1,050 enrolled adults and children. Of course, that grows just about every day, as families grow too. Not all of Prairie Island’s Tribal Members live here on the island. There are members living in other states throughout the United States as well.

Are there tours of Prairie Island?

No. Currently there are no tours available for the Prairie Island Indian reservation itself. The Prairie Island Indian Community functions much like any other small town or community, including residential areas, primary businesses, rural areas, Community Center, Clinic, Police Department, Learning Center, Administrative offices, and Public Works facilities. There are a few points of interest open to tourists, such as Treasure Island Resort & Casino, Marina & RV Park, and the Buffalo Project.

Who can I meet with to talk about my organization or special project?

If you have a special request or circumstances that you believe would not be adequately addressed with a written request, it is possible to request a meeting with Tribal Council. Keep in mind Tribal Council members are extremely busy and keep schedules much like a governor or state representative. If you are in a big hurry, this may not be the venue for you.

You can request a meeting with Tribal Council by contacting the Tribal Council’s Executive Assistant. She will forward your request and contact you if and when a meeting is to be scheduled.

Jody Johnson