Economic Impact

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While providing for our own is integral to who we are as Dakota people, so is sharing our success with others. We are proud to be a good neighbor and to demonstrate our core value of generosity, or Wowacaŋtohnake.

Creating Jobs & Economic Impact

We are the largest employer in Southern Minnesota’s Goodhue County. That’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

More than 1,500 individuals are employed by the Prairie Island Indian Community across our gaming, government, and business operations. These are well-paying jobs with generous benefits that create significant economic impact and generate more than $18.8 million in annual state and federal payroll taxes.

In addition to our employees, we are attracting millions of visitors annually to Treasure Island Resort & Casino from across the country, amplifying our economic impact. Each year, Treasure Island Resort & Casino spends more than $60 million with Minnesota businesses. More than 200 new businesses have been created in the region to support resort operations.

A Custom of Sharing

Tribal gaming is referred to as the new buffalo because it has helped restore our self-sufficiency. The gained economic strength has contributed to improving life on the reservation, protecting our culture and heritage, and securing a promising future for the Tribe. It has also allowed us to revitalize the traditional Dakota custom of sharing.

Over the past 30 years, the Prairie Island Indian Community (including Treasure Island Resort & Casino) has donated more than $24 million to support non-profit and community organizations. Through these charitable gifts we are proud to be contributing to Minnesota’s economy and culture and helping to shape the future of communities beyond our own.

Charitable Giving Priorities

The Prairie Island Indian Community has focused charitable giving on a range of civic and community organizations, health care causes, Native American tribes and organizations, education and environmental awareness efforts and youth sports activities.

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