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The Prairie Island Indian Community is a federally recognized Native American tribe organized under the Indian Reorganization Act. It is governed under the terms of the Prairie Island Indian Community’s Constitution and by-laws adopted by tribal members on May 23, 1936, and approved by the Secretary of the Interior on June 20, 1936. The Constitution and by-laws provide that the Community Council (referred to as the Tribal Council) is the governing body for the Community. The five-member Tribal Council, elected to two-year terms with elections in November, consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and assistant secretary/treasurer. The Community’s Election Ordinance governs all aspects of Tribal Council elections, including the nomination process, voting and the confirmation process.

Prairie Island Indian Community will achieve our tribal vision by embracing innovation to ensure the well-being of our tribal members, to honor those who came before us, and to prepare for the next seven generations.

Prairie Island Indian Community Mission Statement
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Tribal Council

Top Row: Michael Childs Jr. (Treasurer), Cody Whitebear (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer) Bottom Row: Shelley Buck (Vice President), Johnny Johnson (President), Valentina Mgeni (Secretary)

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