Celebrating our Rich Culture


Without our culture and language, we cease to exist as a tribe.

The Dakota Oyate (people) have a deep, rich culture. 

Unfortunately, that culture hasn’t always been celebrated, or welcomed. It wasn’t that long ago when past generations of our people intentionally hid our culture, our language, and our history to protect their children from ridicule and punishment for being who they were: Bdewakantunwan Dakota.

Today, we are a proud people, a strong Community and a successful, growing government that celebrates who we are as a Tribe.

Being part of a Tribe is a privilege. We work hard to ensure our next generations never lose sight of where they came from and appreciate why being a member of the Prairie Island Indian Community matters so much.

We must never return to a time where hiding our identity is accepted.

We fight hard to preserve and celebrate who we are as Dakota people.

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Unveiling the Honoring Dakota Mural

"The Honoring Dakota Mural signifies a new beginning in the relationship between the Prairie Island and Red Wing communities..."
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Dakota Ancestors Return Home

Kaomi Lee, from TPT, follows The Prairie Island Indian Community repatriation and reburial ceremony.
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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, which honors the Native Americans and Alaska Native cultures. Prairie Island Community Member Nicki Buck was a guest on Midwest Access Thursday to represent her Dakota heritage and her ties to the Prairie Island Indian Community here in Minnesota.
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