The Bdewakantunwan


We are the Dakota Oyate – a proud, resilient people.

We are the Prairie Island Indian Community – a vibrant and growing Tribal government.

As in any community, we recognize the diversity and individuality that exists among our Tribal members makes us stronger. We are doctors, lawyers, police officers, executives, skilled workers, artists, and more. Our differences create the unique tapestry that is Prairie Island. But even with our differences, there is a commonality that unites us.

We are a Tribe. Our collective strength is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

As Dakota, we are guided and united by our core values. These values are rooted in our very existence as a Tribe and reinforced through our creation stories, history, and oral traditions. Our values shape our history and culture.

Prairie Island Indian Community Core Values

Bdewakantuŋwaŋ - Those born of the water

Woksape - Wisdom

Wowaȟbada - Peace or Calm 

Waciŋic’iya - Self dependence 

Akhidečheča - Equality 

Wowacaŋtohnake - Generosity 

Oahe - Foundation

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