Prairie Island Community Member and Naz Reid Collaborate on Artwork

Buffalo Tour Naz Blanche truck
Art Studio 2
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Over the summer, Timberwolves center Naz Reid and Prairie Island Indian Community artist Blanche White came together to collaborate on a unique piece of artwork. Together, they toured the Edwin Buck Jr. Memorial Buffalo Project where Blanche, Prairie Island Tribal Council and other Prairie Island community members shared their special connection with Tatanka Oyate – the buffalo people. Reid, who discovered his own love of art in middle school, met with White on multiple occasions to exchange ideas and concepts. 

The end result is a piece titled, “Stronger Together”. The piece honors the Prairie Island Indian Community while tying in aspects unique to the Timberwolves and Twin Cities community at large. “Stronger Together” will be printed on t-shirts and were made available for purchase at the Timberwolves team store during the month of November.  

Proceeds from t-shirt sales will benefit MIGIZI, a Minneapolis-based indigenous nonprofit organization that supports the educational, social, economic and cultural development of American Indian youth.

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