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Prairie Island Indian Community Tribal Administration Offices
5636 Sturgeon Lake Road
Welch, MN 55089
PH 651-385-4124

Administration Hours of Operation 


*Hours are subject to change. Please call ahead to inquire about holiday hours. 

Contacting Tribal Council
It is respectful of Dakota culture to follow the proper protocol when looking to contact Tribal Council members. All inquiries should be directed through Tribal Council’s Executive Assistant, Jody Johnson, at
*Tribal Members should contact Tribal Council Secretary, Valentina Mgeni, with inquiries at

Aaron Betcher
Utility Operator
Water Department

Allison White
Police Officer
Prairie Island Police Department

Ana Marcelino
Education Liason

Andrea Zimmerman
Energy Program Manager
Administration 651-385-4198

Anne Turnbull
Family Services Director
Family Services 651-385-4245

Anvaar Wilson
Community Service Officer

Bailey Sass
Human Resources Coordinator
Human Resources Department 651-385-4121

Barry Hand
Dakota Language Instructor

Ben Ehlers
Police Officer
Prairie Island Police Department

Benjamin Rosaasen
Strategic Planning and Initiatives Administrator

Blake Johnson
Government Relations Specialist
Government Relations 651-267-4097

Brooke Ecker
Accounts Payable Clerk
Finance 651-385-4112

Casadee Hoyer
Dakota Station Manager
Dakota Station

Chase White
Commissioner of Licensing
Gaming Commission 651-385-4164

Chris Miles
Police Officer
Prairie Island Police Department

Christy Caulkins
Legal Department 651-267-4052

Clay Tix
Executive Director
Gaming Commission 651-267-4095

Cody Mattison
Contracts Specialist
Contracts and Grants 651-385-4190

Craig Morris
Director of Human Resources
Human Resources 651-385-4138

Dakota Kitto
Gaming License Processor
Gaming Commission 651-385-4118

Daniel Dow
Public Works Technician
Public Works

Danny Harjo
Grants Manager
Contracts and Grants 651-385-4117

Darelynn Lehto
Housing Director
Housing 651-267-4073

Dawn Duffy
Legal Administrator
Legal Department 651-385-4136

Deb English
Court Administrator
Tribal Court 651-385-4161

Dee Raebel
Community Health Representative
Health Department 651-385-4145

Donna Carlson
Internal Auditor
Gaming commission 651-385-4131

Drew Duffy
Tribal Garden Assistant
Land & Environment

Ellen Taylor
Deputy Clerk
Tribal Court 651-385-4267

Emma Daughtery
Family Services Specialist
Family Services 651-385-4157

Franky Jackson
Tribal Historic Compliance Officer
Land & Environment

Gabriel Miller
Environmental Program Manager
Land & Environment 651-385-4141

Grant Johnson
Tribal Council President
Tribal Council

Greg Bargrain
Public Works Technician
Public Works

Henry Stelten
Non-point Source Pollution Coordinator
Land & Environment

James Creaghe
Utility/Project Manager
Water/Wastewater Utilities 651-267-4019

James Wells
Police 651-267-4080

Jeanette Feidt
Administration 651-385-4124

Jessica Stolle
Assistant General Counsel
Legal Department 651-267-4006

Jessie Seim
General Counsel
Legal Department 651-385-4137

Jody Johnson
Executive Assistant
Tribal Council 651-267-4062

Joey Taylor
Tribal Monitor
Land & Environment

Jon Priem
Chief of Police
Police 651-267-4060

Juanita Rock
Health Systems Specialist
Family Helath

Justin Marquardt
Compliance Coordinator
Gaming Commission 651-267-4094

Jyll Bauer
Education Assistant
Education Department 651-385-4132

Karen Wohlers
Accounting Manager
Finance 651-385-4125

Katelyn Vonch
Family Services Specialist
Family Services 651-385-4106

Keanna Krueger
Invasive Species Coordinator
Land & Environment 651-385-4177

Kelly Bohmbach
Public Works Technician
Public Works

Kelly McGrath
Payroll Specialist
Finance 651-267-4056

Kentress Peterson
Family Health Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Flanaghan
Emergency Planner
Prairie Island Police Department 651-385-4178

Leah Johnson
Education Liaison
Education Department

Lisa Truman
Administrative Assistant
Gaming Commission 651-267-4086

Madeline Hyde
Food System Specialist
Land & Environment 651-267-4099

Margo Bellanger
Tribal Administrator Administrative Assistant

Markie Bellanger
Enrollment Clerk
Administration 651-385-4126

Marrissa Lussier
Family Advocate

Mary Jo Brenden
Assistant General Counsel
Legal Department 651-385-4171

Melanie Urich
Family Health Services Director
Family Health Services 651-385-4187

Melody Fastner
Fitness Trainer
Health Department 651-385-4189

Michael Childs Jr
Tribal Council 651-267-4096

Michele Just
Tribal Council 651-385-4109

Mike Brunkhorst
Utility Operator
Water/Wastewater Utilities 651-267-4005

Mitch Skeen
Education Liaison
Education Department

Mitchell Wells
Commissioner of Compliance
Gaming Commission 651-267-4089

Nathan Hanson
Internal Auditor
Gaming Commission 651-267-4047

Nicci Lehto
Federal Government Relations Specialist
Legal Department 651-385-4174

Nicholas Lira
Chemical Dependency Counselor
Family Services 651-385-4197

Noah White
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Land & Environment 651-385-4175

Paul Dressen
High School Education Liaison
Education Department 651-385-4153

Rachel Sawinski
Fitness Trainer
Health Department 651-385-4189

Ramie Chackan
Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources Department 651-385-4173

Rebecca Reding
Foster Care Coordinator
Family Services 651-267-4032

Renee Gregory
Assistant General Counsel
Legal Department 651-385-4169

Richard Buck
Public Works Manager
Public Works Department 651-385-4139

Rick Lyons
Occupational Safety Manager
Administration 651-267-4013

Ronald Johnson
Tribal Council Vice President
Tribal Council

Ross Brockman
Communications Coordinator

Sam Whitebear
Prairie Island Police Deprtment 651-267-4092

Samantha Peterson
SHIP Grant Coordinator
Land & Environment

Sarah Bartell
Office Manager
Administration 651-385-4133

Sarah Gorter, BS, NDTR
Nutritionist, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, and Certified Health Coach 651-385-4127

Sheila Taylor
Elder's Advocate
Family Services 651-385-4167

Skip Bohmbach
Public Works Technician
Public Works

Tishena Cree
Committee Coordinator
Administration 651-385-4113

Tom Gnotke
Finance Director
Finance Department 651-385-4111

Tony Grosso
Prairie Island Police Department 651-267-4071

Tori Campbell
Assistant Secretary Treasurer
Tribal Council

Travis Benway
Public Works Technician
Public Works

Tressa Berghammer
Housing/Water-Wastewater Administrative Assistant

Troy Siebenaler
Licensing Coordinator
Gaming Commission 651-385-4134

Tucker Johnson
Police Officer
Prairie Island Police Department

Valentina Mgeni
Tribal Council Secretary
Tribal Council 651-385-4102

Vera Dressen
Administrative Assistant/Records Clerk
Prairie Island Police Department 651-385-4114

Wayne Bohn
Assistant General Counsel

Willard Benway Sr.
Public Works Technician
Public Works

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