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Aaron Betcher
Utility Operator
Water Department

Allison White
Police Officer
Prairie Island Police Department

Amy Blackcloud
Dakota Station Manager
Dakota Station 651-385-4265

Andrea Zimmerman
Energy Program Manager
Administration 651-385-4198

Anne Turnbull
Family Services Director
Family Services 651-385-4245

Bailey Sass
Human Resources Coordinator
Human Resources 651-385-4121

Barry Hand
Dakota Language Instructor

Blake Johnson
Government Relations Specialist
Government Relations 651-385-4097

Brooke Ecker
Accounts Payable Clerk
Finance 651-385-4112

Chase White
Commissioner of Licensing
Gaming Commission 651-385-4164

Christy Caulkins
Legal 651-385-4052

Clay Tix
Executive Director
Gaming Commission 651-385-4095

Cody Whitebear
Assistant Secretary Treasurer
Tribal Council 651-385-4163

Danny Harjo
Contracts/Grants Coordinator
Finance 651-385-4117

Darelynn Lehto
Housing Director
Housing 651-385-4073

Dawn Duffy
Legal Administrator
Legal 651-385-4136

Deb English
Court Administrator
Tribal Court 651-385-4161

Drew Duffy
Tribal Garden Assistant
Land & Environment

Ellen Taylor
Deputy Clerk
Tribal Court 651-385-4267

Gabriel Miller
Environmental Program Manager
Land & Environment 651-385-4141

Grant Johnson
Tribal Administrator
Administration 651-385-4116

Greg Bargrain
Public Works Technician
Public Works

James Creaghe
Utility/Project Manager
Water/Wastewater 651-385-4019

James Wells
Police 651-267-4080

Jenipa Nfor
Family Services Specialist 651-385-4122

Jessica Stolle
Assistant General Counsel
Legal 651-385-4006

Jessie Seim
General Counsel
Legal Department 651-385-4137

Jody Johnson
Executive Assistant
Tribal Council 651-385-4062

Joey Taylor
Tribal Monitor
Land & Environment

John Friedrich
Public Works Technician
Public Works 651-385-4139

Johnny Johnson
Tribal Council 651-385-4104

Jon Priem
Chief of Police
Police 651-267-4060

Jordyn Brown
Family Services Specialist
Family Services

Jyll Bauer
Education Assistant
Education 651-385-4132

Karen Wohlers
Accounting Manager
Finance 651-385-4125

Kelly Bohmbach
Public Works Technician
Public Works

Kelly McGrath
Payroll Specialist
Finance 651-385-4139

Kimberly Flanaghan
Emergency Planner
Prairie Island Police Department 651-385-4178

Leah Johnson
Education Liaison
Education Department

Lisa Truman
Administrative Assistant
Gaming Commission 651-385-4086

Lynn Peterson
Golf Course Manager
Mt. Frontenac 651-385-4077

Margo Bellanger
Tribal Administrator Administrative Assistant

Mary Jo Brenden
Assistant General Counsel
Legal Department 651-385-4171

Melissa Kidd
Gaming Inspector
Gaming Commission

Melody Fastner
Fitness Trainer
Health 651-385-4189

Michael Childs Jr
Tribal Council 651-385-4096

Michele Just
Tribal Council 651-385-4109

Mike Brunkhorst
Utility Operator
Water/Wastewater 651-385-4005

Mitch Skeen
Education Liaison
Education Department

Mitchell Wells
Commissioner of Compliance
Gaming Commission 651-385-4089

Nathan Hanson
Internal Audit 651-385-4047

Nicci Lehto
Federal Government Relations Specialist
Legal 651-385-4174

Nicholas Lira
CD Counselor
Family Services 651-385-4197

Noah White
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Land & Environment 651-385-4175

Paul Dressen
High School Education Liaison
Education 651-385-4153

Rachael Zebro
Human Resources Director
Human Resources 651-385-4138

Rachel Rapp
Fitness Trainer
Health Department 651-385-4189

Ramie Chackan
Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources 651-385-4173

Rebecca Reding
Social Worker
Family Services 651-385-4032

Renee Gregory
Assistant General Counsel
Legal Department

Richard Buck
Public Works Manager
Public Works Department 651-385-4139

Rick Lyons
Occupational Safety Manager
Administration 651-385-4013

Ross Brockman
Communications Coordinator

Samantha Gilitiuk
CD Counselor
Family Services 651-385-4027

Sarah Bartell
Office Manager
Administration 651-385-4133

Sheila Lewis-Taylor
Administrative Assistant
Family Services 651-385-4185

Shelley Buck
Tribal Council Vice President
Tribal Council 651-385-4108

Skip Bohmbach
Public Works Technician
Public Works

Tom Gnotke
Finance Director
Finance Department 651-385-4111

Tori Campbell
Education Liaison

Valentina Mgeni
Tribal Council Secretary
Tribal Council 651-385-4102

Vera Dressen
PIPD Administrative Assistant
Police 651-385-4114

Vern Kitto
Employee Licensing Processor
Gaming Commission 651-385-4035

Willard Benway Sr.
Public Works Technician
Public Works

William Griebling
Gaming Inspector
Gaming Commisson

Zachary Nagel
Non-point Source Pollution Coordinator
Land & Environment

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